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Soap & Glory Face Massage Mini Mitt!


I don’t know how new this product is but I had never seen it before and so it went straight into my basket because it looked like a bit of fun!

It’s basically a little rubber mitt with tiny bristles and bumps which you gently massage your face with. Soap & Glory suggest using it with cleanser to really clean, scrub and massage your face but it works just as well with moisturiser too.

I’d advise people with sensitive skin which may be prone to flaring up after using facial scrubs and creams to switch to something like this as it is a lot less harsh and you can choose which products you use the mitt with.

It’s relaxing, it’s a bit of self pampering and I really enjoy using this product.

At only £4, I think it’s something that everybody should have in their collection!

Hannah x

Essie Ballet Slippers Review

IMG_20140302_210750I couldn’t help but buy this beautiful light pink polish from Essie!

It’s a beautiful colour, quite runny in texture but easy to apply, fast drying and also has a larger application brush than most nail polishes which means that within a couple of brush strokes, the whole nail is covered.

Essie polishes are always good in terms of their strength. I find that nail varnish can chip within the first day of wear for me because I am heavy handed and don’t always invest well in nail polish. However, Essie polishes are so hard wearing that they nearly never chip and I can wear them for over a week quite happily!

The only thing I will criticise about this particular nail polish is just how light the colour comes out as it takes three to four coats of the polish for it to appear the colour in the bottle. Two coats alone looks a little wishy washy!

I love it! What do you think?

Hannah x

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer Review

10134164Hello lovelies! So I purchased this little treasure a couple of weeks ago and I can’t help myself but rave to you lot about it. This concealer is SO incredibly good!

First of all, there are two compartments and three sections of the concealer: step one is a concealer for  brightening under the eyes, step two is a general face concealer and then there is a powder section in order to seal and set the concealer. There is also a little mini mirror and face pad to help you apply it.

What I particularly love about this product is the fact that the concealer’s texture is creamy and moisturising for my skin- which is especially important for my under the eye area which can get quite dried out with other concealers I have used in the past.

I think the coverage of this concealer is very good- it works for me anyway. It also sits on my face well throughout the day and only needs a brief powder here and there.

I think this concealer retails at around £10 but it is definitely worth it! It is also the perfect size for putting in your handbag!

A must have I think ladies!

Hannah x

Mini spring haul!

IMG_20140226_192547Hello lovelies! Today I went shopping with my friends and, as the sun was shining brightly in London, it really put me in the mood for spring shopping. I purchased the following:

Pink tartan print dress (New Look)

Daisy high waisted cullotes (New Look)

Levi high waisted denim shorts (Grade A Vintage shop)

Delirium book by Lauren Oliver (bookshop)


Spring lookbook? Video?

Hello everyone! I haven’t posted in 4 days, very sorry about that, its just been a bit hectic with uni work etc. I have a lot of posts planned that I will begin to work on this evening onwards including a few wardrobe features, empties, beauty reviews and a spring wardrobe haul BUT I was wondering about how to present my spring haul and wondered whether it would be easier, instead of posting a ton of photos of clothes on and off, to make a short haul video or lookbook instead?

Which would you prefer to see? Let me know, please!

Hannah x

Barry M Textured Nails: Ridley Road Review


Hello lovelies! I’ve been wanting to try these polishes for a while now so I thought I would review them for you, in case any of you were also considering trying them.

I chose the colour ‘Ridley Road’ which is a very light green/blue colour. The other variations were beautiful too and I think I’m going to buy the pink one!

The polish itself is easily applied and dries quickly. There are tiny little grains within the polish which make the textured effect. It’s quite a matte and rough effect so some people might prefer their shiny smooth polishes to the textured collection but I like it a lot.

I think two coats of polish is better than one with this but that might have just been the colour as it is light.

I think they look great but do judge for yourselves!

Hannah x

Beating the Blues!

Okay, so January might be over but that doesn’t mean that the blues have gone too. We’re still having gloomy days, miserable weather, colds and flu and frankly, sometimes we just don’t want to get out of bed. (Sound familiar? Yeah, me too)

Banish these blues!

There are some steps that we can take to make ourselves feel better.

  1. Get out of bed. As tempting as it is to lay in bed all day rather than face whatever is outside of the duvet, laying around will only make you feel worse. It’ll make you groggy and more tired, you’ll find it harder to sleep that night and you’ll feel guilty for not getting anything done. So c’mon. Up you get!
  2. Get in the shower. Okay, I know the weather is cold, I know you want to stay in your pyjamas all day, I know that you’re not going to see anybody today but still- get in the shower. It will warm you up, steam you out and you can use all of your favourite products so you smell delicious for the rest of the day. I promise it will wake you up and make you feel like you accomplished something.
  3. Have a decent breakfast. It doesn’t matter what time you get out of bed or how long it took you to shower, you can have breakfast at any time of the day. Grab your favourite cereal or some really buttery toast, maybe some eggs or a fry up or a bowl of fruit. Get some energy in there!
  4. Set yourself a task and do it. I know this sounds like a lot. But if you do nothing productive all day then it’s kind of a waste of a day. Even if it’s just to do a load of laundry, taking a walk or folding up stray items of clothing on your bedroom floor, just do something. You’ll feel better for it, promise!
  5. Pamper yourself. You’re having a hard time and need some TLC. Do a facemask, have a bubble bath, exfoliate, give yourself a home manicure. Do something that will make you feel good about yourself.
  6. Relax. Burn your favourite candle, read a book or some blogs, eat your favourite chocolate and avoid doing anything strenuous or remotely stressful. Relax so much that you pretty much pass out asleep in the evening and wake up refreshed and feeling better!

These are things that help me out on my groggy days. I hope they help you too. I have the flu right now so I feel your pain. Don’t forgot to drink LOTS of water too!

Like or comment- what do YOU like to do on days like this?

Hannah xx

Soap & Glory: Sugar Crush Body Scrub

P1010648One for familiarity, it has taken me a while to progress and make the transition from Soap & Glory’s signature smelling body scrub to their fruitier variations. Upon recommendation of a friend, I purchased the ‘Sugar Crush’ body scrub.

The scent is not for some but I personally like it. It’s very zesty due to the smell of lime but sweetened by the brown sugar and almond oil. This is a scrub for the morning when you need to be woken up!

It’s a very large pot too- good value for money, so I think this should take some time to get through!

I’m as pleased with the results as I was with their original ‘Flake Away’ scrub. It removes all dry skin, lumps and bumps and gives my skin a good polish!

It’s a holiday smell I will continue to welcome at showertime!
A definite recommend!

Hannah x